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SA Magazines (, Face Book Magazines (, and Komena.Com is part of the Vendiflex Pty Group of Companies.

Welcome to SA Magazines (SAMAG).

Get a website now to market your product or service today...

Many people try and sell something, but find it difficult to market or advertise.
Let us do all this for you... We can set up your own website with all your products.
We can also do all your Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and much more...
Contact us here <Click Here> or have a look at our Advert here...

If you are interested kindly send us your advert (in any of the following formats, JPG/PNG, CDR, Word, PDF) and contact details to we will reply with our banking details and on proof of payment your advert goes live.
If you wish for us to design your advert then just email us the pictures/logos and the info and we charge R450-00 for a once off design.
We will not publish any illegal, nudity, profanity or abuse of any kind. If you are found of this you will be blocked/banned.

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